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Kennebunkport is a small town located along a stunning stretch of Maine’s rocky coastline and offers a distinct elegance set alongside rustic, New England charm. Over the years, this gorgeous community has become a highly sought-after travel destination in the summer for those looking to experience the quintessential New England seaside experience. The influx of tourism brought more modern amenities to the small town. Now the area houses world-class restaurants, luxury boutiques, art galleries, and antique shops. In addition to downtown vibrance, Kennebunkport offers the perfect setting for boating, fishing, sailing, hiking, biking, and taking life slow by the water.

Kennebunkport combines the bustle of a tourist town with the charm of rural Maine. Alongside quiet backroads are roadside farmstands selling a selection of fresh produce and local delicacies. Set alongside the coast, Kennebunkport boasts a world-renowned culinary culture. Everything from mouth-watering lobster rolls to exquisite farm-to-table dishes can be found in the Kennebunkport area. With its quaint feel and rustic charm, many are surprised to find several posh, upscale restaurants in Kennebunkport, perfect for any occasion.

Earth at Hidden Pond

354 Goose Rocks Rd, Kennebunkport, ME

Rustic, nature-inspired decor transforms the dining room at Earth at Hidden Pond into an immersive retreat. Warm-toned chandeliers and stunning exposed wood walls create an elevating dining experience that melts perfectly into Kennebunkport’s stunning woodlands. With an atmosphere that honors the region it is located in, Earth at Hidden Pond is a restaurant locals find themselves returning to time and again for its truly one-of-a-kind experience. Romantic candlelight is expertly incorporated into the space, and in the evenings, a bonfire is created outside to cast a glow into the dining room from outside.

Their menu is filled with innovative American cuisine, all made with a farm-to-table spin and expertly crafted by a master chef. All ingredients are sourced from the area, giving each dish that signature Maine flavor not found anywhere else. Two on-site organic gardens supply much of the produce used in each meal, complemented by locally sourced meats and seafood that give each dish a robust flavor only fresh ingredients can deliver. With unparalleled charm and world-class fare, this restaurant is one everyone in the Kennebunkport area has to check out.

Hurricane Restaurant

29 Dock Square, Kennebunkport, ME

Maine is known nationwide for its seafood. The acclaimed Maine lobster can be found on menus across America and is sought-after for its superior quality and flavor. Diners in Kennebunkport get to enjoy the Maine lobster fresh-caught, making seafood dishes along the state’s coast among the best in the world. Hurricane Restaurant brings this world-renowned seafood to Kennebunkport in a masterful way. Brooks and Luanne MacDonald opened the Hurricane Restaurant in Kennebunkport in 2001, bringing their commitment to fine food, drink, and hospitality. The restaurant quickly became a staple in the area and was often frequented by Taylor Benenti as he grew up in Kennebunkport. Today Taylor Benenti owns Hurricane Restaurant and brings with him years of experience in the industry.

Since his takeover in 2019, Hurricane Restaurant has been elevated to new heights. Serving a menu of fresh seafood favorites, many locals flock to the eatery when they are in the mood for fish, clams, or lobster caught right off of Maine’s shore. Those looking to eat the freshest dishes available only have to turn to the daily specials board to ensure they are getting the best. Other upscale American classics can be found at this eatery, including a delectable rack of lamb. Ideally located along an exquisite stretch of the Kennebunkport River, diners can enjoy waterfront views as they dine and feel the gentle, salty breeze coming up the river of the Atlantic Ocean.

50 Local

50 Main St, Kennebunk, ME

Conveniently located in downtown Kennebunk, this new-age eatery serves an extensive range of European and American classics with modern twists. Those walking into 50 Local are immediately met with a trendy, cosmopolitan atmosphere and the distinct charm of a French bistro while still honoring the coastal feel of Kennebunkport. Owner Merrilee Paul believes in the importance of supporting local farmers and sources many of the restaurant's ingredients from farms located right in the Kennebunkport area. This gives each of their globally-inspired dishes a touch of the Kennebunkport area’s unique coastal charm.

Executive Chef Tyler Laroche puts his own twist on operating the kitchen at 50 Local. His menu displays his passion for fresh, local ingredients and is filled with approachable traditional French bistro fare with distinct American takes. Tyler Laroche has established relationships with local farmers and chefs in the area, ensuring he is on top of the best ingredients and newest culinary trends. With a menu that changes daily, there is always something new to try at 50 Local.

Ocean Restuarant

208 Ocean Ave, Kennebunkport, ME

Located directly on the shore of Kennebunkport, Ocean Restaurant masterfully creates the feel of dining on a luxury cruiseliner in their posh establishment. The close quarters in the dining room and the warm lamp lighting transport diners. After years of working at the luxurious Ritz Carlton in Atlanta, Executive Chef Peter Rudolph moved back east, where he settled in at Ocean Restaurant. Able to explore his culinary prowess, Peter Rudolph expertly crafted a three-course tasting menu that is raved about by locals in Kennebunkport. This seasonally-inspired menu changes every few months, ensuring guests enjoy the freshest ingredients available.

Delicious Maine-caught seafood and locally-sourced produce and meats can be enjoyed at Ocean Restaurant. The menu offers a selection of dishes inspired by regions across the Atlantic, including the South of France and the Mediterranean. Innovative twists and breathtaking presentations elevate the fare at Ocean Restaurant. Locals from across Maine and New Hampshire flock to this luxury eatery to taste high-class dishes that cannot be found anywhere else in the area.

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