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Anchor Real Estate provides recommendations for contractors and other businesses based on information available at the time of recommendation. These recommendations are made in good faith and with the intention of assisting our clients and customers in finding suitable services.

However, it is important to note that Anchor Real Estate does not directly employ or control these contractors or businesses. Therefore, we cannot be held liable for any disputes, damages, losses, or unsatisfactory outcomes resulting from the services provided by recommended contractors or businesses.

Clients and customers are encouraged to conduct their own research, due diligence, and assessment before engaging with any recommended contractor or business. This may include but is not limited to verifying qualifications, licenses, insurance coverage, and past work performance.

Furthermore, Anchor Real Estate disclaims any responsibility for the actions, omissions, negligence, or misconduct of recommended contractors or businesses, their employees, subcontractors, or agents.

By utilizing the recommendations provided by Anchor Real Estate, clients and customers acknowledge and agree to release Anchor Real Estate from any liability, claims, or damages arising from the engagement with recommended contractors or businesses.

This disclaimer is subject to change without notice and applies to all recommendations made by Anchor Real Estate agents through any communication channels.


Anchor Real Estate is a full-service real estate firm comprised of highly successful and motivated individuals working collaboratively to serve its clientele in reaching their real estate goals. They are knowledgeable, community involved agents who have a passion for the lifestyle and the communities in which they live and work. We look forward to working with you.

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