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Southern Maine’s stunning coastal communities are highly sought-after destinations for vacationers and home buyers alike. The neighborhoods feature a unique set of urban and rural amenities that set the area apart from others in New England. Residents can experience a bustling vibrance with shops, restaurants, museums, and cultural offerings against the backdrop of Maine’s untouched wilderness. Miles of sandy and rocky beaches can be found in Southern Maine’s coastal neighborhoods, making it the ideal getaway for those looking for a vacation home or private oceanside retreat.

Southern Maine’s sought-after communities have been growing in popularity over the years as more people are looking to move out of the city and into the serenity of suburbia. With its unique rural appeal and endless amenities, many homebuyers are setting their sights on the coast of Southern Maine. Because of this, homeowners looking to upgrade their properties also have the area’s hot real estate market in mind leading them to choose improvements that will pay back in the long run. Keep reading to learn about the best return on investment home improvement projects in Maine.

Minor bathroom remodel

For homeowners looking to upgrade their properties, the bathroom is always a good place to start. Since it is a room that will be heavily used, it is often in need of some renovations. However, homeowners on a budget do not need to do a complete bathroom remodel to get a substantial return on investment. In fact, minor remodels that revitalize the space can give you a bigger return on investment in the long run. After a minor bathroom remodel, homeowners can expect a 64% return on investment.

Minor bathroom remodels tend to pay attention to the small details of the room, increasing functionality and appeal without taking the whole space apart. This could mean replacing the vanity with one that has more storage space, updating hardware to bring a fresh look to the room, or repainting the walls. A minor remodel is a great way to breathe new life into your bathroom and make the space beautiful and easy to use for years to come.

Rejuvenate landscaping

Many homeowners living on Maine’s stunning coast spend countless hours outside throughout the warmer months, soaking up the fresh, salty air and feeling the sun on their skin. Especially for those looking to sell their home, giving the property’s landscaping and curb appeal a refresh is a great home improvement option.

Rejuvenating a home’s landscaping to turn the home’s exterior into a stunning retreat can reap a whopping 200% to 400% return on investment, making it one of the best return on investment home improvement projects. Even just maintaining a home’s landscaping can increase the property’s value by 28%. Plus, if you are looking to sell, having a well-kept, beautiful yard can help attract buyers and show off the best of your home.

When revitalizing a home’s landscaping, try to keep the project simple so it is easy to maintain over the years. Cleaning up the lawn is a great first step. Planting native trees can help add visual intrigue and shade to a backyard. If your yard still looks a little plain, add some flower beds filled with a mix of complimentary native plants and annual flowers for long-lasting color all season long.

Minor kitchen remodel

Like with a bathroom remodel, going small with the kitchen can pay off with a bigger return on investment. The average ROI for a major kitchen remodel is just 54% for a large amount of expensive and destructive work. On the other hand, a minor kitchen remodel that focuses on improving the visual appeal and functionality of the space comes with a substantial 83% return. Especially for homeowners with relatively modern kitchens, a minor remodel is all that is needed to elevate the space.

Minor kitchen remodels attempt to fix the room’s weak points without going overboard on an entire renovation. Usually, minor remodels focus on the aesthetics of the room by refinishing cabinets, replacing the countertop, or redoing the floors. If the appliances are old and outdated, they should be upgraded to modernize the kitchen. Having a beautiful and functional kitchen can help improve the livability of the home and make the time you spend there easier and more enjoyable.

Entry door replacement

This home improvement project is so small many homeowners forget about it. However, replacing your front door is a great way to increase a home’s curb appeal, give it a fresh look, and attract potential buyers when looking to sell. A shabby, outdated front door can drag down the entire look of your home from the outside. Oftentimes, it will be the first thing visitors notice about a home. Adding a new front door or repainting the old one can bring a 75% return on investment, making a great project for those looking to spruce up the look of their home with minimal labor.

Add a deck

Living in Maine means being surrounded by quaint coastal views, stunning mountains, and pristine woodlands. Summers bring warm weather that draws residents outside to enjoy the fresh air and natural wonder. Many people looking to move to the area want to be able to savor the environment without leaving their homes. Putting in an outdoor space is the best way to increase the versatility of the property. When looking to add a place to relax outside, a deck will give you the best return on investment.

Be sure to choose materials that complement the home’s exquisite surroundings and will stand up to Maine’s harsh climate for years to come. An awning for hot summer days will allow the space to be used even as the weather becomes steamy in July and August. If you are located on the ocean or have stunning mountain views, face the deck so you enjoy a gorgeous panorama from your chair. In New England, a well-made deck can bring homeowners a 78% return on investment.

Talk home improvement with a local expert

If you are looking to increase the appeal of your home before selling or want to know how your remodeling projects will affect the value of your property, get in touch with an experienced local realtor. Having served the Southern Maine seacoast for years, the qualified agents at Anchor Real Estate can help answer all your questions and steer you in the right direction, helping make your home improvement a success.

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